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Missouri spends $1.3M defending medical cannabis permit decisions

ABC News Jefferson city reports that state taxpayers are funding  a wave of lawsuits brought by businesses denied medical cannabis business licenses – so far 853 appeals !

Missouri regulators have spent $1.3 million to defend themselves in court against a wave of lawsuits filed by businesses that were denied medical marijuana business licenses.

Businesses that didn’t receive permits from the state filed 853 appeals through the state’s Administrative Hearing Commission, and 785 of those cases remained unresolved last week, said Lisa Cox, spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Senior Services, which runs the medical marijuana division.

Cox told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the legal fees are a one-time cost associated with getting Missouri’s program up and running, but critics said it is a reflection of problems in the way permits were awarded.

She said the state received 2,270 facility applications but only awarded 348 total licenses.

More at https://khqa.com/news/state/missouri-spend-13m-defending-marijuana-permit-decisions

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