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Linked In Post – Australian Pharmacy Chain Selling “Hemp” Products

We noticed this post today on our Linked in feed.

The line  “Evidence Based Science Opens Pharmacy Door For Hemp Oz” had us vaguely intrigued mainly because it is one of those marketing lines that implies everything and nothing at the same time

As far as we understand in Australia no CBD products can be sold over the counter so what products are they selling and what are they supposed to do? The implication appears to be health benefits of one sort or another

Here are Oz Medicann Group..

This is what they say they do.

We note all the standard buzzwords “unique” “holistic” “therapeutic” and apparently they are for patients before profits

The Oz Medicann Group is an Australian group of companies leading the way in delivering medicinal cannabis-based therapeutic solutions for patients in the Australian and International markets.
The Oz Medicann Group is a licensed Australian medicinal cannabis company and offers a unique proposition in the industry through an innovative business model which focuses on research, cultivation and education. We have developed a holistic approach to medicinal cannabis with the motto of ‘Patients before Profits’.
Our objective is to deliver the highest quality medicinal and therapeutic solutions to the people who most need them – the patients.
OMG is at the forefront of innovation in designing solutions to meet the needs of industry and patients and health conscious consumers.

They are headquartered at  Lvl 9 16 O’Connell Street Sydney, Australia 2000 , which for those of you who don’t know Sydney is a pretty posh downtown address.

They note on their website that they work with the following “partners”

Our current relationships and partnerships include:

  • National Institute for Complementary Medicine
  • University of Western Sydney
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New England
  • The Lambert Institute
  • MediHuanna
  • Paramedical Services

And a range of cultivators and distributors.

A search around the site reveals the only product line we can find .. a fizzy drink

We pop over to https://hempoz.com.au/. and it’s all as clear as mud.

They are selling hemp Kombucha , protein powder & hemp oil. None of this is rocket science or new

Now that the TGA has approved (sort of) 0% thc hemp based products to be sold over the counter in Australian pharmacies you’ll start to see a great deal of this type of nutraceutical marketing where overpriced products (12 bottles of hemp infused spring water for $AUS42 …seriously!) are marketed to the consumer with vague health benefits never really defined.

We say ……Don’t be like Pickles the fleeced sheep.

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