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Happy Valley awards $2,500 college scholarship, first scholarship award for the cannabis industry


GLOUCESTER, Mass., September 22, 2020 — Happy Valley, a company committed to excellence in product and delivering a preeminent customer experience in Massachusetts announced today that Cullen Vujosevic of New Mexico was chosen as the winner of the $2,500 Happy Valley Scholarship award.

College students were asked to submit an essay that answers the question “How do you defy the stoner stereotype when using cannabis for medical purposes?”. The winning essay should inform and educate around the advantages of using cannabis as medicine and the changing perception of using medical marijuana.

Out of hundreds of application submissions, Mr. Vujosevic of New Mexico was selected as the winner of the $2,500 scholarship. Mr. Vujosevic’s essay was a compelling, succinct, and honest example of what it means to use medical cannabis responsibly.

Gregg Weiss, VP of Marketing at Happy Valley said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a $2,500 scholarship. Changing the stigma for legal medical and recreational cannabis consumers is a responsibility of the cannabis industry as a whole and Happy Valley will continue to lead the charge.”

Mr. Vujosevic stated, “It’s unheard of that a cannabis company would offer a scholarship award. Kudos to Happy Valley for supporting students. Happy Valley is helping me achieve my path of becoming a Nurse Practitioner so that one day I can help anyone with a medical cannabis recommendation that wants it. It truly is an honor and privilege to be selected.”

Mr. Vujosevic’s essay is available to read on the Happy Valley website at www.HappyValley.org/scholarship


Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Newburyport, Mass., Happy Valley is a vertically integrated cultivator and retailer of a full suite of genetically validated medical and adult-use cannabis products. Through its “Verified Genetics” promise, Happy Valley is committed to creating a consistent, premium-quality cannabis experience for all our customers.

Media Contact: Gregg Weiss, VP of Marketing [email protected]

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