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Board Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, September 30 at 10 a.m.

The Board will be holding its next Board meeting on Wednesday, September 30, at 10:00 a.m.

Following guidance issued in the Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 (Open Public Meetings act and Public Records Act) issued March 24, 2020, and as it has been extended, this meeting will not be held in the Boardroom as regularly scheduled. This meeting will be held via WebEx only, and the number for the public to dial in and listen to the meeting is noted below. The agenda is here, and additional documents can be found on the Board’s calendar page, here.

Written summaries for General Comments are appreciated. Please submit your comments to dustin.dickson@lcb.wa.gov. One can also comment at the end of the meeting via WebEx. If you wish to speak to the Board during “General Public Comments”, you must e-mail dustin.dickson@lcb.wa.gov before that agenda item begins, preferably by close-of-business on Tuesday, September 29. Dustin will provide additional instructions and a link to connect to the WebEx through your computer. Comments will be limited to four minutes per person. These instructions are separate from the dial-in number below which is for listening/observation only.

To dial-in and listen to the meeting:

Pin code: 133 164 9940

Please note the phone option is intended only for listening to the meeting. All attendees will be “muted”.  Only the Board members, Policy and Rules Staff, Board Staff and those signed in for public comment will be audible during the meeting.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in LCB’s Board activity. This virtual meeting represents our interest in hearing from you as we continue to look for engagement opportunities during these challenging times.

Please contact dustin.dickson@lcb.wa.gov directly with questions regarding process.

Stay safe and healthy.

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