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Dry Herb Vaping vs E-Liquids: The Most Heated Discussion

If you’re also troubled by the same question, then you’ve certainly landed up on the right piece of content. This article shall shed some light on which vaporizer technology is better and more suitable for your purpose.The Working Principle

Fundamentally, every vaporizer is built the same. There’s a battery or powerhouse, a heater, and a mouthpiece. The battery powers the heater, which heats up the fillings in turn and produces vapors. The mouthpiece is used to draw these vapors and inhale.

Surprisingly, out of these three fundamental parts, it is perhaps the heater that matters the most. Certainly, the design and technology for heaters make all the difference in compatibility and flavors that a vaporizer pen would produce. To put this into perspective, conduction type heaters may lead to burnt flavors and overheating, whereas, the convection type may leave behind unheated residues. Of course, every technology has its pros and cons.

The Problem With Cartridges

Certainly, the most popularly used type of vaporizer technology is conduction. The reason- it is very affordable and easy to use. Most of the vaping kits that use conduction technology use a cartridge that holds the juice for vaping. All that needs to be done is fitting in the cartridge switching on the battery and drawing dense vapors.

There is, however, a complication with this setup. Cartridges are prone to leakage. Moreover, choosing the right fit for a particular design of a vaporizer pen is not an easy task. Some vaping kits use a 510 threaded cartridge while some use a 310. Plus, there are also those that come with refillable cartridges. As a vaping enthusiast, it could be disheartening to have bought a cartridge that does not fit in well with your vaping pen. And even more so, would be to know that there’s always some unburnt contents left behind in the cartridge.

Other Alternatives

Of course, you’d want to know what you should be buying, if not an e-juice or e-liquid vaporizer pen. Surprisingly, there are several alternatives to it. For example, there are vaping kits compatible with oils and waxes that can be filled whenever needed. Moreover, these oil and wax vapes can be filled with vaping materials needed for the session, thus eliminating any chances of leaving behind unused residues.

Another good option would be choosing a dry-herb vape over any liquid or wax vaping kit. One of the reasons would be, vaping herbs is a lot better alternative to smoking them. Plus, there are no ash residues that are left behind. In fact, dry herb vaping can also reduce the cost of having to buy new refills every couple of weeks. All that’s needed is cleaning the quartz heater and some dry herbs to vape from.

As many would argue, choosing between a dry herb vaporizer and an e-cigarette is a lot easier said than done. However, if you can think of your priorities and the purpose you need your vaping kit for, your choice would be a lot simpler.

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