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NEW CBD brand NATURALWORKS launches in Europe

The Swiss-based expert team behind NaturalWorks believes that nature holds the key to both healthier living and an improved lifestyle. Their mission? To harness the vast untapped potential of the cannabis plant to create natural solutions to some very real challenges.

NaturalWorks has been built on principles of ethics and sustainability. Using only the most rigorous scientific research and innovation, and application of best practices, NaturalWorks is committed to developing the highest quality cannabis-derived products, so ensuring every customer can benefit from all the good the plant has to offer.


All of NaturalWorks’ batches of Cannabis flower are organically grown in Switzerland by experienced cultivators who’ve been farmers for generations, and equally care about the plants that they grow alongside their natural environments and communities. Before being processed, each batch of flowers is independently tested to establish its exact cannabinoid profile, and to confirm that it is free of heavy metals and other dangerous toxins. After processing, the resulting oil is similarly tested again to establish the cannabinoid profile.

Being organically grown is the key to NaturalWorks CBD oil quality. NaturalWorks’ CBD oil is GMO-free, pesticide-free, heavy metal free, and 100% pure plant.


Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant with an extraordinary wealth of uses and health benefits, and even greater undiscovered potential. Each year, more and more people are turning to CBD oil for help in improving their health and well-being. To date, CBD oil has shown great potential in helping with various ailments including (and not limited to) chronic pain management, insomnia[i], anxiety[ii], depression, PTSD, improving gut health and alleviating some inflammatory conditions such as arthritis[iii].


NaturalWorks is also committed to bringing people closer together and improving access for everyone to holistic and natural solutions, aiming to build a collaborative community with sense, purpose and heart. To bring this higher purpose to life, the NaturalWorks website has been designed as a scientifically backed, and unbiased source of information for all CBD enquiries. A new blog on a range of CBD topics is posted weekly.

NEW NaturalWorks Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Straight from the source, this multi-purpose CBD oil is GMO-free, pesticide-free and heavy metal free – and 100% pure plant. It can be taken as simple drops or mixed into drinks and food. It will be priced at a regular RRP of €45.00 and available to buy from the eu.naturalworks.com web-site.

For media enquiries please contact:
PR@naturalworks.com, +44 20 8895 6383

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