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UK’s CBD market scrambles to prepare for 1 April novel food deadline

Hemp Industry Daily reports

The United Kingdom market for CBD edibles is less than six months away from a radical upheaval, but Gavin Ogilvie isn’t worried.

Starting April 1, no CBD product on the U.K. market will be allowed to stay there without validation by food-safety authorities, and Ogilvie’s company – the Manchester-based cannabinoid supplier and white labeler Always Pure Organics – is one of hundreds of companies that are on the hook to get it.

Ogilvie, the company’s managing director, has been working on assembling the data and test results for two validated novel food authorization applications since March of this year.

Always Pure Organics, which sources its CBD from Switzerland, has sought the advice of a toxicology expert and a separate consultant to review the applications. Ogilvie estimates that each application will end up costing around 150,000 pounds ($195,000).


UK’s CBD market scrambles to prepare for March novel food deadline

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