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Beyond CBD: Industry Leaders are Fine-Tuning Consumer Options with CBG and CBN

As hemp cultivation returned to American soil, health-conscious consumers began embracing hemp-derived CBD products’ therapeutic potential. Most eventually learned that CBD is the most abundant of more than 100 potentially beneficial cannabinoids produced in the plant. Although many CBD users were intrigued by the research detailing the therapeutic potential of those additional cannabinoids, it was all but impossible to find CBD products that contained more than trace amounts.

But those times are now behind us. With growing interest in their complementary effects, innovative CBD companies are offering a range of products with higher concentrations of minor cannabinoids. CBDistillery™ is one of the first to offer a selection of CBD products enhanced with the therapeutic potential of cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN).

Minor Cannabinoids with Major Therapeutic Potential

If you’ve been using hemp-derived CBD products or investigating the many potential health and wellness benefits, you’ve likely encountered a considerable amount of information explaining how CBD works. Chances are you’ve already learned that CBD mimics the effects of important chemical messengers produced in your body to relay urgent signals to the receptors of its largest regulatory system, your endocannabinoid system.

CBD’s ability to influence ECS (endocannabinoid system) receptors explains its wide range of potential benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Although most researchers base their findings on the effects of pure CBD isolate, many CBD users find full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products more effective because of the way the trace amounts of the many minor cannabinoids combine to maximize product potency. Each of those many cannabinoids deliver intriguing properties of their own. Of those many cannabinoids, CBG and CBN have attracted a considerable amount of attention. To determine how you might benefit from CBD products formulated with higher concentrations of CBG or CBN, consider the following observations:

Cannabigerol (CBG) – Maximizes the Potency of CBD
  • The acidic form of CBG, cannabigerolic acid, is the first cannabinoid synthesized by industrial hemp plants. As crops grow, plant enzymes, heat, and UV rays convert cannabigerolic acid to CBD and THC. As CBD concentrations increase, CBG levels decrease. By the time mature plants are ready for harvest, CBG levels drop to less than one percent. Although research shows that CBD and CBG provide many of the same potential health and wellness benefits, studies investigating its therapeutic potential show CBG’s effects considerably more potent because of the way CBG binds with ECS receptors. CBD interacts with the same receptors (CB1 and CB2) but does not bind.2
Cannabinol (CBN) – Promotes Calmness, Relaxation, and Restful Sleep
  • CBN is created as heat and light break down THC. That conversion makes CBN a non-intoxicating byproduct of THC degradation. On its own, the cannabinoid is shown to function as a natural alternative to help improve sleep because of its affinity with the same receptors as THC, the CB1 receptors. Researchers investigating the properties of CBN recognize the cannabinoid’s considerable potential as a natural sleep aid because of its gentle, calming, relaxing effects. 3,4

Investigating Your Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Options at CBDistillery™

Founded by a group of Colorado natives in 2016, CBDistillery™ quickly established its reputation as a respected industry leader. CBDistillery™ was one of the first to provide consumers access to third-party test results, one of the first companies certified by the US Hemp Authority™ and is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to provide high-quality, fairly-priced CBD products.

CBDistillery™ has also risen to the challenged of providing cost-effective CBG and CBN products. That’s no small accomplishment. It can take thousands of pounds of mature hemp to isolate only small amounts of the minor cannabinoids. To meet and exceed consumer expectations, innovative companies like CBDistillery™ are planting strains that produce higher concentrations of select cannabinoids, modifying the timing of their harvest, and investing in technology designed to isolate individual cannabinoids from full-spectrum extracts, adaptations that give consumers more options.5

If you’re intrigued by the health and wellness potential of CBD, or curious about the potential benefits of enhancing those products with CBG or CBN, consider investigating some of the following products offered by CBDistillery™:

CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax Full-Spectrum CBD Oils
  • CBDistillery™ Full-Spectrum CBD Oils contain all the terpenes, flavonoids, and additional cannabinoids in the same ratios as the original plant source, including trace amounts of THC, CBN, and CBG. Many CBD users consider full-spectrum CBD oils the most potent option because of the way the additional cannabinoids and terpenes combine to multiply the therapeutic potential of the plant extracts, an intriguing phenomenon unique to cannabis called the entourage effect. All CBDistillery™ CBD oils are a blend of hemp extract and MCT oil, a type of coconut oil shown to enhance bioavailability.
CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils
  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract contains many of the same flavonoids, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids as full-spectrum oils, with one crucial exception, the THC is removed during extraction and processing. Broad-spectrum CBD products are most often favored by CBD users interested in the benefit multiplying potential of the entourage effect but prefer avoiding products containing even trace amounts of THC. CBDistillery™ Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil is available in concentrations of 17mg, 33mg, or 83mg of CBD per 1mL serving.
CBDistillery™ Pure CBD Oil Tinctures
  • CBDistillery™ Pure CBD Oil Tinctures are formulated with CBD isolate, a flavorless, odorless powder concentrate that’s nearly 100 percent pure cannabidiol. All the additional cannabinoids, flavonoids, plant terpenes, and other plant elements are removed during extraction and processing. Although products made with CBD isolate don’t provide any additional plant components that contribute to an entourage effect, CBDIstillery™ Pure CBD Isolate Tinctures are ideal for anyone looking for the health and wellness potential of CBD on its own, or those who don’t care for the somewhat earthy flavor of industrial hemp extract.
CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax CBG Oil
  • CBDistillery™ CBG Oil is formulated with a blend of full-spectrum CBD oil and CBG isolate, the purest form of CBG available. Each 30mL bottle contains 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG, a formulation that many CBD enthusiasts find more potent than a typical 1000mg CBD tincture. Although CBD and CBG provide many of the same potential health and wellness benefits, many CBD users find their combined effects considerably more potent. CBG produces a stronger effect than CBD because the cannabinoid interacts with ECS receptors directly. CBD produces an indirect effect. CBDistillery™ CBG + CBD Oil Tincture is ideal for anyone interested in maximizing their CBD experience.
CBDistillery™ CBN + CBD Oil Sleep Tincture
  • CBDistillery™ CBN + CBD Oil Sleep Tincture combines the considerable health and wellness potential of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD with the cannabinoid shown to directly impact its sleep-promoting potential, CBN. By interacting directly with ECS receptors, CBN produces a gentle, relaxing, calming effect. CBDistillery™ CBN + CBD Oil Sleep Tincture is one of two CBDistillery™ products specifically formulated for restful sleep. Each 30 mL bottle contains 150mg of CBN and 450mg of CBD, a CBN to CBD ratio shown to work well for most people. 
CBDistillery Isolate Powders
  • Isolate powders are one of the most economical ways to add CBD or CBG to your daily routine. Although CBDelicious Formulation Powders are ideal for adding the health and wellness potential of plant-based cannabinoids to your favorite products, isolate powders can also be used to create your own tinctures and topicals or enhance the potency of any CBD oil you are currently using. Isolate powders are ideal for CBD users who enjoy the challenge of creating their own CBD and CBG products.6,7

Exploring the Health and Wellness Potential of CBD, CBG, and CBN with CBDistillery™

Not that long ago, CBD users had a wide range of products to choose from, but those options were limited to selections made with full-spectrum oils or CBD isolate. Today, innovative industry leaders like CBDistillery™ are meeting and exceeding consumer expectations by offering high-quality, reasonably priced CBD products enhanced with the therapeutic potential of some of the plant’s many minor cannabinoids.

To learn more about CBD, CBG, CBN, and the many potential health and wellness benefits of supporting ECS function with plant-based cannabinoids, visit CBDistillery™ to download The Ultimate CBD User Guide, browse the #CBD Movement™ blog, or catch the latest episode of the CBD Movement Podcast. All CBDistillery™ CBD, CBG, and CBN products are third-party tested, and US Hemp Authority™ certified. Third-party test results can be viewed on product pages or easily accessed by scanning the QR code on product labels. CBDistillery™ also offers a quality assortment of CBD topicals, softgels, gummies, vape e-liquids, and CBD pet products.


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