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Cann Global ready to launch Cannabis tablets into Australia

Cann Global Limited (ASX: CGB) has announced the launch in Australia of the company’s unique formulation of medical Cannabis tablets via its joint-venture partnership with Canntab Therapeutics Limited.

Cann Global entered into a 50/50 Joint Venture with Canntab Therapeutics in January 2018 to bring their suite of hard pill cannabinoid formulations to Australia.

Canntab Therapeutics manufactures and distributes a suite of hard pill cannabinoid formulations in multiple doses and timed-release combinations. Canntab Therapeutics is already the leading innovator in cannabinoid and terpene blends in hard pill form for therapeutic applications in Canada.

Cann Global is pleased to confirm the import permit has been received and an initial order for these products has been made in order to release the products into the Australian market for the first time.

Cann Global is importing six products out of the Canntab range for distribution to the Australian market. The range CGB is importing contains two THC products, two CBD only and two THC/CBD blends. The CBD products could also benefit from the TGA’s proposed amendment to create a new Schedule 3 entry for cannabidiol (CBD) which will allow greater access to CBD products.

Cann Global has also revealed it has entered into a Grant Agreement with Applied Cannabis Research (ACR) to provide a grant to ACR to support the Cannabinoid Medicine Observational Study (CMOS) on the hard pill cannabinoid formulations produced by Canntab. This is the largest observational study ever undertaken in Australia for Cannabinoid Medicine products. CMOS will collect data from 20,000 patients nationwide to assess the safety and efficacy of medicinal cannabis products.

Cann Global will supply these products through its joint venture with Canntab to the CMOS Study with the aim to collect data about health-related outcomes from patients prescribed with these products.

Unlike clinical trials, an observational study only requires a very small investment and the company will receive revenue when a patient participating in the study purchases the CannTab product as prescribed by a Medical Practitioner.

Participation in this CMOS will provide early exposure of the product in Australia to both medical practitioners and patients. CMOS provides a first-of-its-kind opportunity to capture data from a broader range of Australian prescribers and patients than in existing studies.

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