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Psychedelic Clinics: Why Does The Interior Design Have To Look Like Something In A Tibetan Monk’s Bad Dream ?

Slightly off topic but after the last 24 hours we all probably need something a little lighhearted to occupy our minds..

We just came across this article on the Inside Hook website via  a Linked In post

NYC Now Has a (Legal) Psychedelic Clinic for Mental Health: This isn’t the ‘shrooms trip you took back in college. It’s better.

Read the full article at.  https://www.insidehook.com/article/new-york/field-trip-psychedlic-therapy-clinic

What caught my  attention was the therapy room (pictured) it reminds me of the time somebody purchased me a flotation tank session and I was forced to listen to whales for an hour in a dark enclosed space.

By the time i got out the stress levels had risen measurably, now… if they’d played the Clash’s Sandanista in its entirety, the KLF Chill Out album or Hunky Dory it would have been a different story !

Really ! Do we need the faux buddhist  mandala , gong, floor cushions and cheap cushion covers from West Elm.

NYC has some of the finest architects and interior designers on the planet..they could have done a  better job and especially so with what’s hanging on the wall.

Here at CLR / PSY  our art choices could for example include a Patrick Heron……

Big Rumbold Orange : December 1970

Or… how about a  Grayson Perry tapestry ? You wouldn’t get bored with that !

If we were feeling a bit flush maybe we’d go with one of these…

Cy Twombly

As for interior design how about ….

The dog would be a very relaxing addition…some nice books to look at when things calm down

Or how about the Marrakech Riad feel

Actually the Shrooms at college feel might work better. At least you get to ruminate on what Hunter got up to in Vegas , although I agree the Green Day obsession might get rather tiring!

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