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Canada: Psytech Interviews Ron Segev of Segev LLP, “A Discussion on Cannabis, Psychedelics, and the Law”

Psytech write….   Ron Segev is a founding partner of Segev LLP. He is a practical-minded business lawyer with a keen eye for opportunity, but also a sensitivity to risk. Segev LLP is a full solutions business law firm with experience advising companies in the cannabis and psychedelics industries. Their work includes assisting clients with corporate, commercial, IP, private and public finance, securities and regulatory matters.

PsyTech: How did you get interested in the psychedelics space?

Ron: We’ve been providing legal services to the cannabis industry since the very early days. In particular, we have worked with medical cannabis clinics and we were witness to the evolution of medicinal cannabis as an increasingly mainstream and more effective way to treat certain ailments and conditions. Our experience as cannabis lawyers naturally led us to take an interest in the psychedelics space and the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics specifically. Many of our cannabis clients have entered the space and have engaged us to assist them with their new ventures.

PsyTech: What is the biggest issue holding the industry back? (Stigma, regulation, politics etc?)

Read the full interview. https://www.psytech.biz/ron-segev-interview/?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=99118961&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-90lO8NQaI2edLtKTh-AsVBPGJ3i9w9WOCUYqut4x1V9xkc3Iw7bw99P9krsifgcD_9aMT5LN80BhJxDJ2_tnDUUgNX6A&utm_content=99118961&utm_source=hs_email

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