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Just Another Day In Northern NSW …”Man mad on mushies messes with cops”

At about 5.50am on November 6, a 28-year-old male was behaving erratically and committing offences in the street at Brunswick Heads. The male picked up a fishing net with a long wooden handle from the side of the shop and walked onto the roadway on Mullumbimby Street and struck passing vehicles.

A witness called police and saw the male walking along the sand bank of the river.

Screaming and ranting

He was holding the large wooden handled rod with attached fishing net, screaming and
ranting. Police drove upon the bridge when he struck the back of the police vehicle with the stick.

Police exited the driver’s side of the vehicle to apprehend him when he ran into bushland towards the river.

Police chased the male into the scrub where two campers said the male had
approached their campsite, raising the stick and being aggressive towards them.

Police located the male and saw him raise the stick in the air causing police to fear for their safety – they deployed their taser.

The taser was not effective and as the male raised the stick at police again, they say they were forced to again taser the male.

This had limited impact on him and as a result the man ended up wrestling with police on the ground.

Third time lucky with taser

The male was assaulting police on the ground and as a result police used the taser to drive stun the lower torso of the male causing him to eventually release his grip and allowing police to handcuff him.

Police formed the opinion that the male was experiencing a drug induced psychosis and he was conveyed to Tweed Heads Hospital for treatment.

While still in custody the male advised police he had consumed an illicit mushroom. Once released from hospital the male will be charged with affray and resist Police.

A Police officer received an injury to his forehead as a result of the incident.

Source:  https://www.echo.net.au/2020/11/man-mad-on-mushies-messes-with-cops/

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