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Does CBD Tincture Have Better Therapeutic Effects Than Oil?

Cannabis has been gaining popularity over the years. More and more individuals decide to treat their conditions with CBD (that comes in various forms). Why does the number of CBD fans continue to grow? Cannabis is a non-psychoactive cannabidiol. The main benefits of using CBD on a daily basis are sleep improvement, better stress management and uplifted mood. As we are prone to stress and anxiety, cannabis might be a solution that you should take into consideration. There are a few forms of cannabis worth trying. Among them are joints, vape oils, oil, and tincture.

Stay with us if you want to learn more about the major differences between CBD tincture and oils.

What Is CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are extracts of hemp in liquid form, usually combined with alcohol, cinnamon/peppermint oil or glycerin. CBD tincture can be used in the same way as oil. The main difference between those two forms of cannabis is that tincture contains low levels of CBD. When choosing this type of cannabis, consider going for organic cbd tincture. The assurance of good quality ingredients should be one of the most important aspects taken into consideration before making a purchase.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from a cannabis plant diluted with either carrier oil or hemp seed oil. As demand for this product tends to rise, companies decided to market brandnew CBD oils variations. Flavoured options are quite popular amongst enthusiasts. You can choose between chocolate and fruity flavours to make the process of consuming CBD oil more enjoyable.

So how do you consume CBD oil? Most people would pour a few drops of the extract under their tongue. You can use it in the evening to help yourself fall asleep faster. Another option is to build a schedule and consume CBD oil four times a day every 6 hours.

CBD oils have many advantages, but there are also some side effects. The most common ones are fatigue, changes in weight, diarrhoea.

What Are the Main Differences between CBD Oil and Tincture?

As both oil and tincture might give similar results, there are some major differences between those two forms of CBD. Here are some of them:


CBD oil contains cannabidiol as an oil base. At the same time, CBD tincture has an alcohol base. Regardless of their base, they both contain the same therapeutic properties.


Oil might leave an uncomfortable and oily taste in your mouth. Sometimes even applying it under the tongue doesn’t work. Unlike CBD oil, the tincture (especially flavoured options) can be easily absorbed because of its consistency.


In general, prices of CBD products are based on its potency, extraction method and strength. When it comes to comparing prices of oils and tinctures, we can undoubtedly notice that prices are roughly the same. In some cases, better quality CBD oil might be a bit more expensive than a tincture.

Expiration date

In comparison to CBD oil, tinctures have much longer shelf life because of its alcoholic base with preservative properties. Keep your CBD products life extended by avoiding direct sunlight.

Which Option Is Better for Therapeutic Effects?

When you seek therapeutic indulgence, every aspect matters, from the moment of applying your solution till the effects of the product fade away. It is frankly impossible to explicitly determine the best solution to support your mind therapeutically. We all differ from each other in many aspects. What works for some individuals might not have a good impact on others. That is why testing is the best possible way to find your perfect option. It is crucial to take into consideration the following aspects while looking for the best CBD option:


Does the oily formula bother you? Try tincture then! You definitely want to feel comfortable when taking CBD. The suitable formula is key for finding the right product for you.


Take your CBD product at different times of the day. For some people, the beneficial effects of cannabis might look differently depending on the time of the day. 

Right Dosage

Depending on your weight, physical activities and lifestyle, different dosages of CBD substances might be advised. To experience the peak performance of cannabis, work on finding a suitable dosage for your body first.

The Bottom Line

We all react differently to CBD and finding the best form of cannabis for your body might be a bit of a challenge. Remember to use suitable doses according to your body specification. Don’t hesitate to contact specialists who might help you find a perfect formula of cannabis to relieve pain and manage stress better. More and more studies show the potential health benefits of CBD, and the research is not over yet. As a natural remedy for many ailments, cannabis can positively influence your well-being by keeping your mind clear.

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