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Singapore’s “Bullshit stance towards medical cannabis”

Great article from Vice . They interview a Singaporean medical cannabis activist, who, it being Singapore has to use the fake name of  Fred to preserve his anonymity.

He tells Vice

“We were a colorful bunch that wanted to call out our government’s narrow-mindedness and bullshit stance towards medical cannabis,” Fred, who co-founded the country’s first cannabis activism group, told VICE World News. He requested anonymity for his protection.

“Singaporeans are brought up to believe that all drugs are bad and not to look further than that, even if science says otherwise and that there are plants out there that exist and can help people like cancer patients to manage and treat their pain.” 

Fred and six other Singaporeans set up what they said was their country’s first website promoting the medical use of marijuana in 2014. They had planned to lobby local politicians to relax the country’s strict drug laws until the authorities stepped in and pressured them to drop their campaign.

Fred, however, hasn’t given up on the cause. He runs an active underground online forum, which VICE World News has verified but will not disclose in this article to protect his anonymity.

Read the full article and for the very same reason we won’t let the cat out of the bag about the forum .

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