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Weedmaps – The Devil Is In The Detail

Because sometimes the blind religion that regulated cannabis has become can affect people’s better judgement when parting with money.

MJ Biz outline in an article some unresolved legal issues that the company aludes to in its investor docs

They write

The investor presentation from WM Holding filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 10 includes the following “supplemental investor disclosure” about a U.S. Department of Justice investigation, specifically a subpoena regarding records for the company’s business dealings:

“As of Nov. 10, 2020, the DOJ investigation has not been resolved. In our dialogue with the DOJ, we have had productive discussions about a potential resolution, but no agreement has been reached,” the presentation notes on the last page of the document.

If you are thinking of spending money on their proposed float we highly recommend you read this article

Weedmaps investor document notes federal probe into cannabis businesses is ‘unresolved’

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