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New UK Title Pre- Order ….”The CannaManual”

Pre-Order e book only at this stage….

This book is suitable for cannabis enthusiasts, through to researchers, physicians and private health practitioners, who are looking to broaden their cannabis knowledge with facts. Our aim with this book is to bring cannabis science to the centre of National debate and we feel it is vital to present up to date knowledge and research in a digestible format. With this, we hope to protect readers from the common myths and misconceptions around cannabis and continue to prepare the public for a wider discussion around cannabis and our treatment of drugs as a whole.

Author Information

Christopher Tasker, Founder of Global Cannabinoid Solutions.

 Chris holds a Master’s degree (MRes) in cannabinoid medical research and has conducted pioneering research on human gut tissue and tumours. He explored the endocannabinoid system and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids in cancer and inflammation.

His knowledge has been central to the growth of informed cannabis debate across the UK, promoting cannabis education, harm reduction strategies and drug law reform. Through his company Global Cannabinoid Solutions he now works with strategic partners at the forefront of the evolving cannabis industry, to steer it with a collective scientific knowledge.

More at    https://www.globalcannabinoidsolutions.com/cannamanual

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