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California: Man arrested after over $1M worth of psychedelics & cannabis found in Oildale home

A man was arrested after $1 million worth of drugs were seized during a residence search on Jan. 10, 2021, in Oildale.

Narcotics Detectives assigned to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force executed a narcotic search warrant in the 200 Block of E. McCord Avenue on Sunday.

Detectives found and seized:

  • 3.06 pounds of Psilocybin mushrooms, (estimated street value $13,880).
  • 22.92 pounds of DMT – (Dimethyltryptamine) a hallucinogenic drug. (estimated street value of $1,040,568).
  • LSD tabs and vials containing liquid LSD, (estimated street value of $3,900).
  • 10 pounds of marijuana, (estimated street value $10,000)

According to KCSO, the total estimated street value of the above-seized narcotics is $1,068,348.

Detectives also found a loaded firearm, money from drug sales, and small amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine.

David Jackson, age 42, was found to have been maintaining the residence for narcotics sales and operating a DMT extraction lab.

Jackson was living in the home with his children, ages 9 and 8. Child Protective Services took custody of Jackson’s children, due to the poor living conditions and the presence of the drug extraction lab.

Jackson was arrested for child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance for sales, manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance while being armed with a loaded firearm, and for maintaining a residence for narcotics sales.

Jackson was booked into the Central Receiving Facility (CRF) and is pending future court proceedings.


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