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Akerna Reveals Top 5 Cannabis Sales Days of 2020, $US90 Million Cannabis Purchased New Year’s Eve

It’s not often that a cannabis industry press release is particularly interesting and especially one from Akerna aka MJ Freeway… this one, though, is….A lot of people staying in and getting baked for obvious reasons.

Akerna Reveals Top 5 Cannabis Sales Days of 2020

“2020 proved to be another booming year for cannabis, and the retail market continued to see that growth,” commented James Ahrendt, BI Architect, Akerna. “We wanted to focus on the top single sales days of 2020, which, as you’ll notice, all seem to follow our nationally celebrated holidays.”

Indelibly marked by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, 2020 was a year of anomalies and strange events, even in the cannabis industry. Lockdown restrictions implemented throughout the United States in March played a significant role in affecting consumer spending habits, including pushing up daily cannabis sales and ultimately dethroning previous top sales days.

Over the past five years, 4/20 has routinely ranked as one of the top two sales days of the year. In 2020, however, the cannabis holiday did not even make the top 10 sales days. Similarly, the Friday before Memorial Day, which historically ranks as one of the highest cannabis sales days of the year, also failed to make the cut.

Top 5 Cannabis Sales Days of 2020

  1. New Year’s Eve (12/31) – $89.4 million
  2. Green Wednesday (11/25) – $87.4 million
  3. Wednesday Before Christmas (12/23) – $87.3 million
  4. Black Friday (11/27) – $86 million
  5. Friday Before Halloween (10/30) – $85.8 million

Additional Insights from Top-Performing Sales Days (Combined)

Sales by product type

  • Flower – 45%
  • Cartridge/Pens – 32%
  • Concentrates – 14%
  • Infused Edibles – 8%
  • Other – 1%

Sales by Gender

  • Male – 62% and
  • Female – 38%

Sales by age groups

  • Under 30 – 27%
  • 30-40 –30%
  • 40-50 – 20%
  • 50-60 –13%
  • Over 60 – 10%

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