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Sardinia: two bills submitted to relaunch hemp cultivation plans

Canapa Industriale reports..

Focusing on the cultivation of hemp in Sardinia given the excellent soil and climatic conditions: this is the goal of the island where two bills have been presented that go in this direction.

The first (available HERE ) was presented by Piero Maieli , of the Sardinian Action Party who is also the president of the Commission for Productive Activities in the Region. “Sardinia, due to a favorable climate and thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs attentive to diversification, is one of the regions most interested in this cultivation”, he underlined, presenting the proposal that provides for contributions to businesses to relaunch the supply chain, promoting strategy of hemp in land reclamation , in contrasting hydrogeological instability , in site reclamation , in green building and inbioenergy .


The second proposal to relaunch the supply chain (available HERE ), however, was presented by Alessandro Solinas of the 5-star Movement. “From hemp – he emphasizes – it is possible to obtain excellent natural fibers for ropes and fabrics, suitable for curtains, canvases, clothes, but also raw materials for the construction of insulating and sound-absorbing panels, padding and plasters”.


In short, the potential of hemp also manages to unite political positions that are sometimes distant, making it clear that politics can work together in the name of the collective good.

The activities envisaged by the two bills on hemp in Sardinia

In general, the two legislative proposals focus on the research activities necessary for companies, on the training of personnel to expand the crops that in 2019, in the Region, have marked the figure of 600 cultivated hectares , the construction of plants for processing and more generally the mechanization of sowing, harvesting, storage and processing. Finally, the creation of a monitoring center for crops is also planned .

We recall that the project, always wanted by the Sardinia region, dates back to 2015, which had evaluated the possibility of inserting hemp as a crop to bring new jobs and clean up polluted fields thanks to its phytoremediation properties.

Alessandro Solinas then underlined that to achieve the goal, “it is a duty to make contributions” to give “to entrepreneurs who intend to enter this new sector to grow”.

Source:  https://canapaindustriale.it/2021/02/10/sardegna-due-proposte-di-legge-per-rilanciare-la-coltivazione-della-canapa/?mc_cid=670635bc02&mc_eid=ffca6542f9

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