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Rave party busted in Hyderabad, LSD and ganja seized

It’s just like 88 all over again except being India there appears to be food on offer too !

The report

A Special Operations Team (SOT) of the Rachakonda police in Hyderabad have seized blots of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ganja and other drugs from a rave party at a farmhouse under the limits of the LB Nagar police station on Thursday. As many as seven organisers were arrested and as many as 90 participants were held.

According to the police, all the participants were students and private employees from the city.

Four of the main accused were friends and had planned to earn easy money by organising the rave party, the police said. Some of the accused have been identified as Girish Dhaduvai, Jakkidi Srikar Reddy, Cholleti Sharath Chandra, Shaik Umar Farooq, Jakkidi Dhanwanth Reddy, Balemula Prem and Syed Aman Ali Reza.

Accused number two, Srikar Reddy, is the son of Dhanwanth, who owns the farmhouse near Rachakonda hills where the rave party was organised.

According to police, the entry fee for the event was Rs 499 per head excluding food, drinks and other substances. Police said that they promoted the event by putting up posters on Instagram to draw people to the rave party.

Police said that the accused had chosen the eve of Shivaratri, as the local police would be busy in bandobast duties.

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