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Cannabis streaming service sets debut date, program slate

Aiming to educate and entertain in equal parts, Cannected will debut its app and soft-launch on 4/20.

Asked about the path that led to her anointment as a bona fide cannabis media maven, 420Media founder Kerri Accardi has an origin story at the ready.

“I left New York on December 10, 2013, on a mission to educate the world about cannabis after my Aunt Kathy died,” she recalled, discussing the start of a journey that took her from cannabis tours in Seattle to video shoots in the Virgin Islands. “I learned how to grow it, I went to dispensaries, I sat down with lawyers and lobbyists – all to showcase this plant for the miracle she is.”

Camera crews were present for many of her travels – and the results will be available for public consumption come May 1, when Cannected formally launches across a range of streaming services, including Apple TV and Roku. The Cannected app will become available for download on – wait for it – 4/20, complete with a reveal of the Eric David-designed logo on the Nasdaq Times Square megascreen.

It’s as much a media/marketing play as a consumer-oriented one, with an early preview priming the pump for would-be advertisers. That said, Accardi and her team of creators and collaborators, including former NFL player Marv Washington and Heather Manus (better known as “Nurse Heather”), are both sincere and serious about educating the public about the health benefits of cannabis.

More at  https://www.mmm-online.com/home/channel/the-third-m/cannabis-streaming-service-sets-debut-date-program-slate/

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