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How to sell CBD on WooCommerce: payment gateways, merchant accounts, and plug-ins

Launching a new CBD WooCommerce website on WordPress is exciting, especially when you have a real passion for the products you sell and the customers you serve.

One big challenge for new CBD website owners can be the ability to accept credit cards. Payment gateways and merchant accounts are generally not CBD friendly, even in mid-2021.

Luckily, for CBD business owners who use a stable, open-sourced platform and shopping cart combination like WordPress and WooCommerce, the options are broader than for any other website builder or shopping cart.

CBD payment gateway providers, like the company I founded, NHA Gold member Organic Payment Gateways, offer upwards of eight separate credit card processing solutions for WooCommerce. In my experience, the choices available to WooCommerce merchants far exceed the CBD payment gateway options available for any other website builder or shopping cart.

Even with a solution like WooCommerce, online payment processing for CBD oils, tinctures, hemp-based skincare, and even home goods like candles and cleaning supplies isn’t easy to come by.

Finding, applying for, and integrating CBD payment processing varies based on a number of criteria, chief among them the exact products and services you offer, your payment processing history, and – as mentioned – which shopping cart you use.

Luckily, there are multiple WooCommerce payment processing options out there for nearly every legal hemp or CBD website, regardless of your business’s prior credit card processing history, or lack thereof.

WooCommerce, CBD payment gateways, CBD merchant accounts, and gateway plug-ins

Once you choose WooCommerce, the question quickly becomes: How do I connect my shopping cart with a CBD merchant account?

There are a few moving pieces when setting up CBD payment processing for WooCommerce: payment gateways, merchant accounts, plug-ins, and the shopping cart itself.

The distinction between a payment gateway and a merchant account is often confusing.

A payment gateway is software as a service that connects a shopping cart, like WooCommerce, to a credit card processor – or merchant account. The payment gateway stores cardholder data for future billing, or refunds, and the merchant account underwrites the relationship and manages the deposit to the business bank account along with the communication with the customer’s credit card company or bank.

Common payment processors like WooCommerce Payments, Stripe, and PayPal combine these two services and offer it as a bundled package. Unfortunately, these services are generally not CBD friendly. CBD-focused providers, like our company, Organic Payment Gateways, generally use one of two payment gateways to connect WooCommerce to a CBD merchant account: Authorize.Net or NMI

How to connect a CBD payment gateway to WooCommerce

Once you have a CBD merchant account and payment gateway in place, the final step is to use a simple piece of WooCommerce software called a plug-in to connect it all together. Generally, your payment gateway and merchant account provider, like Organic Payment Gateways or your web developer, will have recommendations.

Below are a few common plug-ins we often use, depending on which gateway works best for you. Some are free, and some are paid – which is the best fit for you depends more on which features you require (for example, recurring billing) than on the actual quality of the plug-in.

Authorize.net plug-ins for WooCommerce:

Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-authorize-net-gateway-aim/

Paid: https://woocommerce.com/products/authorize-net/

NMI plug-ins for WooCommerce:

Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-nmi-gateway-pci-woocommerce/

Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woofunnels-woocommerce-nmi-gateway/

Paid: https://codecanyon.net/item/network-merchants-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce/1635904

Why choose WooCommerce for your CBD e-commerce site?

WooCommerce is an open-sourced solution. It offers a lot of great features, is easy to implement, and as discussed above, it offers more payment processing options than any other shopping cart.

I do not know about you, but I’m a big believer in freedom and choices. With WooCommerce and the right payment processor, you get both.

For example, many shopping carts significantly restrict the ability to integrate CBD-friendly payment gateways. Often, shopping carts only allow a few payment processors to directly interface, which can cause frustration for CBD website owners.

WooCommerce gives you the ability to establish stable, affordable CBD payment processing. In short, it gives us options beyond the “non-CBD-friendly” payment processor WooCommerce Payments, and WooCommerce does not charge you an added fee for using a third-party payment processor, unlike Shopify Payments.

It’s no wonder that WooCommerce is a very popular choice among online CBD businesses.

WooCommerce Payments and alternative processors for CBD

Let’s talk more about WooCommerce’s standard payment solution, WooCommerce Payments. As mentioned above, WooCommerce Payments is a white-labeled Stripe payment gateway, branded for WooCommerce. Because Stripe prohibits CBD, WooCommerce Payments does as well.

If you are new to CBD merchant accounts, payment gateways, plug-ins, and shopping carts, you may be unaware that many regulated businesses, like CBD, are considered high-risk, and therefore they are not supported by standard payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

There are many WooCommerce CBD payment gateway and merchant account options

As a WooCommerce CBD business, you have more choices and flexibility than most. Your payment processor can go over your exact products and help you choose whether NMI or Authorize.Net is the best fit, help you choose a plug-in for WooCommerce, and place you with the merchant account provider that best fits your exact CBD product offerings.

How to start accepting payments on WooCommerce for your CBD business

The ability to accept credit card payments online in a simple, reliable way is essential to every CBD website. Luckily, as a WooCommerce business owner, you have choices, including the ability to work with my company, Organic Payment Gateways.

Our team offers personalized support and experienced advice on how to avoid common mistakes and delays.

We will go over the pluses and minuses of each of our solutions and will be there for you not only for day one, but also for years to come. Our goal is to help CBD businesses, like yours, sell the products you love without worrying about sky-high rates, held deposits, or shut-down merchant accounts.

Please visit https://organicpaymentgateways.com/cbd-payment-gateways/woocommerce-cbd-payment-gateways-nha/ to learn more.

Alex Roy, Organic Payment Gateways

About the author

Alex is the president and CEO of Ecommerce4 LLC, the parent company of Organic Payment Gateways. Organic Payment Gateways specializes in helping business owners in the exciting new e-commerce frontier of CBD sales. By offering up-front information and a comprehensive service, they provide you with a less stressful way to complete online transactions for the CBD products your customers love.

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