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OCA Executive Director Kim Lundin To Leave For New Role At Oregon Food Bank

Here’s her  message to members

Dear OCA Members,

I will be stepping down as Executive Director of the OCA at the end of the month. I’ll be moving to the Oregon Food Bank, who recruited me to work on a campaign to address the root causes of hunger (which is just about the only cause that would get me to leave this amazing organization). This transition is truly bittersweet, as I could not be more proud of the work we have done together to build coalitions, advocate to be treated like other legal businesses, and work towards equity and repairing the harms of the racist war on drugs.

As part of this association, we all believe in the power of a united voice representing all aspects of Oregon’s cannabis industry. In the coming year, the OCA will continue to grow and push our industry forward with the power of a united voice. The structure of the OCA was intentionally built to be more than an Executive Director or a few key members. All of you together drive us forward and with your support and the leadership of OCA’s member-elected Board of Directors, I know our mission and values will carry on. I’m excited to see where you all take the OCA and Oregon’s cannabis industry from here!

OCA’s Board of Directors is starting the process to look for a new Executive Director, and as a member-driven association, they are opening up the hiring committee to OCA Members. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email me here: Kim@orcannabisassociation.org.

While the association looks for our next ED, the OCA will continue to move forward. Our lobbyist, Jonathan Manton will be representing you during the upcoming lobby days in Salem, the OCA will be represented on all RAC committees, and all of our regular membership and committee meetings will take place. Our Board President, Meghan Walstatter will be stepping-up as our Interim ED until a replacement can be hired. Once I’m gone, if you have any questions about your membership, legislative or regulatory issues you can contact her at Meghan@orcannabisassociation.org.

Thank you for welcoming me into your cannabis community. I have been honored to represent such a group of progressive, creative and entrepreneurial business leaders (who also happen to grow, process, and sell the best cannabis in the world).

Yours in solidarity,


Kim Lundin |  she/her  |  Executive Director
Oregon Cannabis Association

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