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Irwin Simon Has Earned $US13.2 Million In Bonuses So Far This Year Says MJ Biz

Nice money if you can get it…

Canadian marijuana producer Tilray paid CEO Irwin Simon cash bonuses totaling $13.2 million (16.7 million Canadian dollars) so far this calendar year, on top of granting the chief executive a significant salary raise and millions more in share-based awards, according to a recently disclosed regulatory filing.

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In total, Tilray’s CEO has received nearly $30 million in total compensation so far in calendar 2021 – almost half of which was paid in cash – a proxy statement filed ahead of the company’s annual meeting on Nov. 22 shows.

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Some of the details of the compensation were disclosed in a previous filing.

The company, which has headquarters in Leamington, Ontario, and New York, also said the CEO’s salary “may be increased but not decreased” as part of an annual performance review by the Compensation Committee, according to filings.

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