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Position: Intellectual Property (IP) Patent Agent (f/m/d)

atai Life Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel treatments for mental health disorders so that everyone, everywhere can live a more fulfilled life. We operate a decentralized model whereby atai incubates, acquires, and supports individual platform companies by providing them strategic and operational functions centrally. This allows our platform companies to stay lean and agile in their clinical pursuits, whilst also being able to leverage the expertise of a multibillion-dollar global biotechnology company. Atai is pursuing a world-first strategy by deploying our clinical compounds together with our ecosystem of Digital Therapeutics, utilizing cutting-edge technology, clinical protocol, human-interaction psychology, and data science in order to enhance the safety and efficacy of our compounds.  

** We are looking for this position to be based out of NYC or Boston. Berlin is ok too.


  • A fast-paced environment where you’ll work on a wide range of topics   
  • Be a major contributor to the success of a well-positioned, well-financed, rapidly growing biotech company   
  • Become part of creating a radically new and impactful paradigm shift in drug development and patient care   
  • An open, results-driven, and meritocratic start-up culture   
  • The opportunity to participate in the company’s success via a share option plan  


  • Interface and work with R&D scientific and technical teams to identify patentable inventions and assist developing invention disclosures with these teams 
  • Draft patent specifications and draft claims 
  • Perform preliminary searches and prepare landscapes for patentability and FTO 
  • Participate in prosecution with external counsel as necessary 
  • Maintain working relationships as a liaison between inventors, other members of the Legal team and external counsel 


  • The position will involve drafting, prosecution, diligence, PTAB proceedings and will require the ability to work closely with Scientific and Technical teams to develop invention disclosures as well as providing informed guidance in the development process 
  • Advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) and 7+ years experience in Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or related field 
  • Admitted to practice before the USPTO 
  • 7+ years experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications before the USPTO 
  • Excellent scientific, technical interpersonal and communications skills are required 
  • High empathy with an outstanding ability to work multi-culturally  
  • Willing to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment with limited direction, go the extra mile and to adapt to new situations as they arise  

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