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Denmark – Copenhagen: Edging closer to legalising cannabis ?

 1 June

A bill to legalise cannabis in Copenhagen will tomorrow be heard at City Hall with support from two of the capital’s best supported parties: Socialdemokratiet, which is led by city mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, and Venstre.

It is item 48 on the agenda at the Borgerrepræsentationen meeting.

If approved, Pusher Street in Christiania will reportedly be moved to Rådhuspladsen, the city hall square, or Nørreport Station, according to Dansk Folkeparti councillor Finn Rudaizky.

Likely to switch to cocaine
The legalislation of cannabis was part of Andersen’s election manifesto, but some take issue with her claim it will deprive gangs of revenue.

Rudaizky worries they’ll simply gravitate to more serious drugs such as cocaine, while there will also be a black market demand for cannabis from teens under the age of 18.

“It is strange that S and V spend so much time getting carcinogenic cannabis legalised than putting efforts into helping cannabis addicts who are increasingly dropping out of their education,” Rudaizky told kobenhavnliv.dk.

“It’s really ridiculous.”

Source: https://cphpost.dk/?p=134294&mc_cid=9ebd916a5b

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