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Australia’s medical cannabis industry ‘a jewel in the crown’ so sayeth Sativite head honcho Mike Cleary

We’d like to say that Mr Cleary is either

A) Taking the piss
B) High on his own supply
C) On a heavy dose of his xtra special male aussie testosterone

Yes the Australian medical cannabis industry is expert at

A) Maximising profit out of consumers (oops we meant patients)
B) Getting state or federal cash to support their “industry”
C) Talking themselves up

Of course what they aren’t very good at is competing with the Australian black market or maintaining any semblence of humility in the face of stark reality.

Let’s start with their website – one can’t even go there as they appear to have forgotten that you actually have to pay for security.. it is a perfect example of what we are saying about the Australian cannabis sector . They talk up a good show but are unbelievably cheap in the pursuit of profit.

I haven’t even read the full cannabiz article as it sits behind a paywall but i can say i’m heartedly over the bullshit that comes from these people.

They know that if they didn’t have the public money and the legislative protections of state and federal governments their industry model would collapse in a harvest or two.

As the Americans have known for years there isn’t a true medical market until it is operating alongside a functional adult use market.

Once we see that in Australia then we can have a discussion about how excellent these people think they are.

Read the Cannabisz article at 

Australia’s industry ‘a jewel in the crown’

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