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Top Benefits Of CBD Oil That You Didn’t Know About

CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant. It has been used for generations and is believed to have originated in Central Asia. While it’s been in traditional medicine for a very long time, CBD oil has been growing in popularity in the mainstream as well over the last few years. The fact that it is an all-natural, nonaddictive substance has a lot to do with this. Because it’s so talked about – and because it can be very useful, it’s important to look into the different benefits of CBD oil that you might not know about.

1. Skincare Benefits

CBD oil is great for the skin and helps with things like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. As a slight precursor, before we get into the meat of things, it’s important to note that while CBD is not psychoactive at all, it’s still not legal in every country or state. In that sense, buying CBD oil in Canada should be pretty easy since it’s legal there, but you might find it a bit more difficult to buy it in the U.S., where there’s a bit of a legal gray area around it. Now, as we were saying – CBD oil is great for skin care. It has anti-inflammatory benefits, which means that you’ll find your skin condition calming down rather than getting worse.  When it comes to psoriasis, CBD oil helps with the redness and irritation that often come along with it and can help manage flare-ups. With acne or eczema, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the skin calm. It also helps with skin regeneration, making it that much more helpful in acne conditions.

2. Cancer Treatment

You might be a bit skeptical about this – after all, it is a bold statement. And while, yes, there are a lot of myths surrounding CBD – out of which, one of the more prominent ones is that it’s basically a cure-all, it really can be helpful in cancer treatment. Now, that doesn’t mean that if a person has cancer, they can simply take a few drops of CBD oil each day and do away with it. However, some studies have found that CBD can help prevent cancer cell growth. In addition to that, it can help alleviate some of the cancer symptoms as well as treatment side effects. Nausea, pain, and lack of appetite are things that cancer patients often struggle with, and CBD can help with each and every one of those.

3. Anxiety Relief

Because CBD interacts with various receptors in the brain that regulate fear-induced behaviors, CBD oil has shown to be beneficial in helping with regulating different mental disorders. While it can be helpful when it comes to managing PTSD, PD, and OCD, it’s mainly used to help with anxiety disorders – both in cases of general, and social anxiety. The reason for this is that with general anxiety, CBD has been shown to help make fears go away faster – often cutting the intensity by half. On top of that, it helps with panic attacks and stops them before they can occur. So not only does it calm you down, but it also manages your day-to-day mental state as well, allowing you to think more clearly and have a better overall experience. Because it interacts with serotonin receptors, it can also be helpful when it comes to treating social anxiety disorder as well, because it can help you relax and feel more comfortable in the situations you’re typically uncomfortable with.

4. Pain Management

Whether or not you know it, CBD oil is basically an analgesic – meaning that it has the power to relieve pain. It does this by interacting with serotonin receptors, but without having any psychoactive effects on the person using CBD for pain management. This makes it an important part of treatment in cases where the person isn’t able to use other painkillers, as well as in cases where they might not be allowed to take them. In addition to that, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with things like arthritis – especially when paired up with other supplements and medication. It’s typically used to help alleviate chronic pain, while it might not be as effective with acute pain.

5. Promotes Heart Health

Believe it or not, CBD oil can actually help with heart health in a number of ways. This is because it helps keep your blood pressure under control – in both acute and chronic cases. By doing so, it lowers the risk of stroke, heart attack, liver disease, kidney failure, etc., all of which are typically caused by high blood pressure. On top of that, it has shown promise in helping with heart conditions – especially those related to the nervous system or blood circulation. While more research needs to be done on this, there are some suggestions that it can help people who have blood vessel damage due to diabetes. 

6. Neuroprotective Properties

CBD has also been shown to have neuroprotective properties, which means that it can be helpful in giving your brain a boost. The CBD oil acts as an antioxidant by helping to fight free radicals in the body – often doing so much more effectively than other antioxidants out there. It protects the brain cells from being damaged or even killed off by such free radicals, allowing the brain to function better. It also helps with blood circulation and is known to help people with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Of course, if you’re already receiving treatment for any of these conditions, it’s highly recommended that you ask your doctor about CBD and how you could incorporate it into your treatment. While it really shouldn’t react with other medications, it’s always better to be extra safe.

7. Quality Sleep

One of the most immediate effects you’ll notice when taking CBD oil is how it helps promote quality sleep. It does this by decreasing nighttime anxiety and arousal (which can be a problem for those who struggle with sleep), and also by increasing sleep-promoting hormones, such as serotonin. By doing so, it enables you to get better rest, which in turn helps you focus better and be more productive during the day. It can even help with sleep disorders, including insomnia. However, whenever you experience severe symptoms like this, you should always seek medical treatment first. Insomnia can sometimes be a symptom of other problems – which means that if you use CBD oil for it without checking with your doctor, you might treat the symptom but let the cause go untreated for longer.

So as you can see, CBD oil has a lot of benefits – and they’re pretty substantial. From skin care to pain relief, CBD oil is a wonderful product that we’re sure you’ll love. If you find yourself intrigued by it, remember to always check your state’s laws first, and to discuss it with your doctor if you’re taking any other form of medication.

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