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Nevada: CCB Board Meeting – Consumption Lounges – Tue, Jun 28, 9 am


To:                 All Licensees and Other Interested Persons

Subject:         Notice of Hearing for Consideration of Proposed Amendments and/or Additions to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board Regulations 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and


The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) will hold a public hearing for the purpose of considering the adoption, amendment or repeal of the regulation(s) stated below.

Grant Sawyer State Office Building                       Gaming Control Board

Room 2450                                                                Room 100

555 East Washington Avenue                                 1919 College Parkway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101                                        Carson City, NV 89706

For Possible Action

Purpose: The need and purpose of the proposed changes to the NCCR(s) is to establish regulations for the applications for cannabis consumption lounges and licensing and regulation of cannabis consumption lounges.

Regulation 1.051: Regulation 5.110: An addition to include the requirements for the transfer of an independent cannabis consumption lounge license.

Regulation 1.197: Regulation 15: Regulation 15 outlines the requirements for the operation of cannabis consumption lounges. Info.

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