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Brittney Griner Wore Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt to Her Russian Court Appearance July 1

Her trial (show trial) is set to start July 7

Cleb Stoner report

Defiantly donning a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt to her trial, WNBA star Brittney Griner appeared in a Russian court on July 1 to face charges of possessing cannabis dating back to her February 19 arrest at Sheremetyevo Airport near Moscow. The trial is taking place in Khimki City Court, also outside of Moscow.

Russian authorities claim Griner stashed “two cartridges for personal use, which contained 0.252 grams and 0.45 grams of hash oil” in her baggage.

Griner has played for the Phoenix Mercury since 2013. For the last seven years, she’s suited up for the Russian team UMMC Ekaterinburg (near Siberia) in the off season. After the league took a break, Griner attempted to exit the country, but was stopped and searched by Russian Customs at bag check, and then detained. The U.S. State Department has said she’s being “wrongfully detained.”

Griner is facing a 10-year sentence, if found guilty. Another option is for her to be released in a prisoner exchange. The trial will resume July 7.


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