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Canada: Police Raid 10K Plant Illegal Grow

Police seized about $8.5 million in illegal cannabis after a raid at a grow-op in Port Perry.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the Durham Regional Police Service Drug Enforcement Unit executed a search warrant at a property on Hwy. 7/12, where they discovered more than 10,000 illegal cannabis plants, police reported.

The plants were growing both indoors and outdoors, police noted.

Investigators also found about 250 pounds (113 kg) of dried cannabis in vacuum-sealed bags, police said.

Police arrested two individuals on the property while they were tending to the cannabis plants and they were charged under the Cannabis Act with unauthorized production of cannabis and possession of illicit cannabis.

Source:  https://www.thestar.com/local-port-perry/news/crime/2022/09/15/port-perry-raid-nets-8-5-million-in-illegal-cannabis.html

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