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Londoners support cannabis decriminalisation, YouGov survey shows

According to data collected from a sample of 1306 people aged 18 and above and published byYouGovlast month, 50% of Londoners support decriminalising cannabis within London, compared to just 33% who oppose the idea. 24% of the total sample strongly agreed with decriminalisation, and 20% strongly opposed it. This is less than anEvening Standardpoll from 2019 which found 63% of London residents were in favour of the legalisation and regulation of cannabis, compared to 19% who were against it.graph showing 50% of londoners support cannabis decriminalisation

Londoners support cannabis decriminalisation, YouGov survey shows

The latest report showed that 52% of Londoners aged between 18 and 24 (52%), and those aged between 24 and 29 (56%) were the most likely to support decriminalisation. Older Londoners were less likely to offer their support, with 34% of those aged 65 and over, and 45% of the 50 to 64 year-olds questioned saying they would not support the idea. 

Splitting the sample into who the respondent voted for in the 2019 general election shows that 44% of all the respondents that voted Conservative favoured decriminalisation compared to 69% of those who last voted for Labour, and 64% of those who last voted for the Liberal Democrats.Respondents were asked other questions related to cannabis and other drugs, the full results can be in the YouGov reporthere.

Source: https://www.leafie.co.uk/news/londoners-support-cannabis-decriminalisation/

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