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Deliveroo launches legal action over UK cannabis dealer’s name

Having reported on this previously this development comes as no surprise.


Deliveroo has launched legal action against a UK cannabis dealer for ‘mimicking’ their branding.

The founder of the UK’s ‘biggest’ online weed dispensary – hilariously named ‘Dispenseroo’ – has claimed to have figured out a way to deliver THC buds, pre-rolls, hash and edibles to customers who freely order on the clear web.

The site is clearly laid out like your typical online shop – only, it’s aimed at those who want to unwind by firing one up.

Forget burner phones and clandestine meetings. Here, shoppers can seemingly add weed products and accessories to their cart ‘safely’ and are greeted with the supposed prospect of free shipping and customer service.

The brand leader – who goes by the pseudonym ‘S’ for obvious reasons – claimed to be turning over £25,000 worth of sales every day, and is campaigning for the legalization of weed in the UK with their site.

But earlier this week, the weed brand has been informed it may need to give up its domain name to the food delivery brand, as the takeaway company claim it is infringing on its trademark.

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