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Department of Cannabis Control Provides Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action

December 7, 2022

Notice of proposed rulemaking to adopt emergency regulations for requirements for delivery of cannabis goods

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is providing notice to the public of its intent to adopt its emergency regulations implementing Assembly Bill 195 which requires that information relating to cannabis and cannabis products leaving a licensed retail premises in a delivery vehicle be recorded in the statewide track and trace system.

View the proposed finding of emergency and notice of proposed readoption and the proposed text of emergency regulations below:

DCC will file the emergency package with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) after the required five-working day notice to the public. The public comment period, which lasts five-calendar days, will begin when OAL publishes the proposed regulations as being “under review” on its website: https://oal.ca.gov/.

We will share instructions for submitting a public comment and participating in the regulatory process when the comment period opens. Please note that only comments received during the public comment period must be considered.

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