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National Hemp Association Holds 2023 Annual General Meeting

NHA Highlights Achievements of 2022 and Outlines Goals for 2023 at AGM

The National Hemp Association (NHA) had our annual general meeting and there was a lot to celebrate. Over the past 10 years, the NHA has been a champion for hemp and we’re not slowing down anytime soon!

The NHA welcomed three new board members, Faye Coleman, Courtney Moran, and Pablo Fallo, who are all members from the standing committees. Courtney Moran will also be serving as Legislative Counsel.

The NHA has made big moves in terms of collaborations. They’re the first hemp organization to be a member of the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA) and a founding member of the Ag Bioeconomy. The NHA is also working with the Cool Farm Alliance and the Hemp Feed Coalition.

One of the NHA’s biggest initiatives is advocating for a Grain and Fiber Hemp Exemption. This would remove costly fees and regulations, as well as the stigma surrounding hemp. They’re grateful for the support they’ve received from industry stakeholders and members of Congress.

Their sister 501(c)3 organization, the Hemp Innovations Foundation, awarded $15,000 to the Hemp Recycles project and continues to support research and development in the industry.

The NHA added a new member benefit in the form of an interview series called “In Conversation With,” which will allow members to showcase their companies and organizations. They also have a new job board for those in the industry to search for jobs and post resumes.

The NHA has been making international efforts, with Chairman Geoff Whaling and the Standing Committee of International Hemp Organizations participating in events to promote hemp as a solution to global challenges.

The NHA is advocating for a Whole of Government Approach to Hemp for the 2023 Farm Bill, including clear regulations from the FDA ,approval for hemp grain for animal feed, and increasing the THC limit to 1%.

Geoff Whaling, who has been NHA Chairman for 6 years, stated in his AGM remarks, “Our number one priority at NHA is addressing the issues of how we get hemp back on the landscape and how we can incorporate sustainable natural fibers like industrial hemp into products worldwide.”

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It’s exciting to see all the progress we have made in the past year! Keep an out for updates – 2023 is going to be a great year for hemp!

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