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NY Post Alleges “Equity” Is Destroying State’s Cannabis Program

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Murdoch press!

Here’s a taste of what they are saying and the language being used..

But if we want businesses to run smoothly, the state should have prioritized applicants with a history of entrepreneurship and business acumen, not breaking the law – even if those laws demanded a rethink.

Instead, it’s doubling the number of licenses open only to former criminals. 

The state has also said it will aim to award “50% of all adult-use licenses to social and economic equity applicants,” including minority- and women-owned businesses.

Yet again, applicants will continue to be selected based on their sex or skin color, not on who can best run a business.


Raided shops keep reopening, including one right across from City Hall. Hochul and Adams are now seeking tougher tools to shut them down.

But it’s unlikely that the legislature, which just rebuked the governor’s chief judge pick for not being left-wing enough, will endorse a crackdown on pot.

Beyond the faulty focus on equity, enforcement agencies need the ability to give more than just a wrist slap to illegal pot shops.

Gov. Hochul’s proposal to dramatically increase fines and expand inspection powers is a good start.

New York City should also clarify the Sheriff’s authority to inspect pot shops, as some deputies have raised questions about their ability to do so.

New Yorkers themselves also need to consider why they tolerate such flagrant law-breaking when it comes to pot, but almost no other businesses.

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